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Jharkhand had a commissioned solar power of 17.51MW with 1.33 MW coming in the FY 2016/17. In order to push solar, Jharkhand announced its solar policy in 2015 to achieve up to 2650MW grid connected solar power by the year 2020. 500MW out of this 2650MW is earmarked to be achieved from rooftop solar power plants. There were reports of delay in the signing of PPA of projects of up to 1200MW at 45 different sites in Jharkhand last year, which were mainly due to the government having second thoughts about the agreed tariffs. This 1.2GW project is set to be the biggest in Jharkhand so far but seems to be struggling to get off the ground highlighting the issues that exist in certain states due to their geography and financial state.

Advanced Professional Solar Course - Advance Certificate in PV Technology & Business Management


This advanced course especially for Professionals & Entrepreneurs who are planning to enter in PV Solar EPC Sector. This will make your transition from an employee to an entrepreneur a little smoother. Maximum solar training institute in India providing system installation training. They only cover the installation portion of solar photovoltaic technology.

IST covers from basic to advance level software design for MW project, Financial Analysis, Case Study, Business Guide, Legal Issues etc with Practical installation at IST Rooftop Power Plant.

IST is very well known for its successful Entrepreneurship Development programs for Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the different segments of Solar Business.

IST course content, lecture topics, project case studies developed by National and International Experienced Solar Engineer and Scientist to fulfill real-life project demands across the country.

For an Entrepreneur or Professional, time is the main valuable thing, so IST offeringing total training session in short-time so that, they can easily attend. Training always measured by study hours, maybe in the classroom or at home, not a matter of how many months or years. Most of the trainees have given feedback that if we offer a weekend class, they can atten. IST provides a weekend program in an one-month of interval.

IST providing Professional Training since last 5 Years, as describe below:-

Course Content

RE Scenario and Business Opportunities - Govt Policy, DISCOM Policy, Net Metering, Rooftop SPV Customer, MW Project opportunity for SME, Success history of IST Alumni
Basic Electrical Engineering
Physic of Photovoltaic System
Solar Resource for Photovoltic System
Site Assessment for KW to MW Project
Safety for PV System Worker
Rooftop SPV Calculation Design, Software Design, BoS equipment selection, module selection, MMS Design, Documents - Engery generation, ROI, Agreements, Vendor selection etc, Project Management, Risk Management, Safety Process, Installation, Commissioning, COD through case studies
MW SPV Project Design, Software Design, BoS equipment selection, module selection, MMS Design, Documents - Engery generation, ROI, PPA, DPR, Feasibility report, Agreements, Vendor selection etc, Project Management, Safety Process, Installation, Commissioning, COD through case studies
Entrepreneurship Guide - Legal issues, Business Network Development, IST Entrepreneurs Network

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From IST boost my confidence in solar sector carrier, understanding of PV solar system, and designing of ON GRID/OFF GRID PV power plants through practical as well as theoretical way. Lab and lectures helped me to gain every knowledge about designing of PV solar as well as it. Overall I am satisfied, I have gained through iST, IST has a bright future and best of luck to all students who come here to make their career in the solar field. 

- Ritesh Kumar Upadhyay,
Project Engineer (Electrical) at REC Power Distribution Company Ltd

Good platform for Basics to Technically in-depth Knowledge of Solar 

Deputy Ex. Engineer at Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd

Great platform for learning about the solar industry. Detailed working knowledge and hands-on technical training. 

- Amit Bhandari,
Director at AVA2 Green Solutions

IST Entrepreneurs

Select your project vendor, partner from IST Entrepreneurs

CompanyBusiness Category
Bhashkar EnterprisesEquipment Supplier, Installer, EPC Service
SHREE KRUPA ENTERPRISESEPC Service, Installer, O&M Service
TECH LIFE SOLARInstaller, Equipment Supplier, O&M Service
Zoob IndiaEPC Service, Installer, O&M Service
STAR ENTERPRISE EPC Service, Installer, Recycling Service
ORON ENERGYEquipment Supplier, Installer, EPC Service
Maxxvolte SolarEPC Service, Equipment Supplier, O&M Service
A-2 Solar SolutionsEPC Service, Installer, O&M Service
M/S KMH EnterprisesEPC Service, Equipment Supplier, Installer
Institute of Solar Technology providing business support for it's Alumni under IST PV Consultancy Unit.

IST Project
IST Entrepreneur: Cloud Merchant
Project given by IST PV Consultancy Unit
Places: Bhopal
Project Size: 215KW
Project Owner HPCL, Developer: VSL

Upcoming Training

  • PV Technology and Business Management

    Training Duration: 72 Hours within one month
    IST Jamshedpur (J.H) 10:00 - 13:00
    Training from: 2018-12-01 to 2018-12-20
    Last Date of Admission: 2018-11-28
    Total Seat: 10 Nos, Seat Available: 10 No(s)
  • PV System Technicial/Engineering

    Training Duration: 72 Hours within one month
    IST Jamshedpur (J.H) 11:00 - 15:00
    Training from: 2018-12-01 to 2018-12-30
    Last Date of Admission: 2018-11-28
    Total Seat: 10 Nos, Seat Available: 10 No(s)
  • PV Business Management

    Training Duration: 72 Hours within one month
    IST Jamshedpur (J.H) 11:00 - 13:00
    Training from: 2018-09-03 to 2018-10-15
    Last Date of Admission: 2018-09-01
    Total Seat: 10 Nos, Seat Available: 8 No(s)

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If you are thinking to install Solar Power Plant, drop an inquiry to IST Trained Solar Consultant. They will provide you actual quatation, Return of Investment report and installed your system where are you.
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Talent + Training + Teamwork = Startups Entrepreneurs Success Way


Successful entrepreneurs are definitely born with traits that help them succeed. But it's rare that anyone is born with very high levels of all talents. If someone is born without a lot of natural entrepreneurial talent, support and development will help that person. Those with lower levels of talent will still benefit from support and development, but they likely won't achieve that same level of success.


The best way to learn is by doing. Through our structured, step-by-step curriculum of training and challenging business-building assignments, you become as the Founder of an enduring company.

First, attaining a deep level of knowledge, expertise and skill in a particular field could help lead to the start of a more sustainable, high-growth business.


IST is a collaborative ecosystem, where people of all skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences share ideas, best practices, metrics, and feedback. Why? Because helping each other and sharing expertise leads to faster iteration, more efficient innovation, and faster market growth. So no matter how great the idea and how impatient the entrepreneur, IST can help build the basic skills, knowledge and connections people need to start something of value.

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